Hi. Welcome to my homepage.

Amateur radio

My call-sign is SM6VNO. I have a separate page with some radio related things.

Hobby programming

YCX5: I am trying to construct an operating system that uses a single-level store with orthogonal persistence, to get a feeling for how that works. An earlier kernel that I wrote in 1999-2001 was called Yoctix.

GXemul: a framework for full-system emulation, mostly written in 2003-2005, which emulates machines consisting of processors (ARM, MIPS, M88K, PowerPC, and SuperH) and surrounding hardware components, complete enough to allow several unmodified guest operating systems to run inside it.

I also have a small page with notes and comments about old machines that I have or have had, a page about the SIGMA DP2 Merrill camera, and a small page about the IOCCC raytracer, which was one of the winners of the 17th IOCCC (2004), for "Best use of Light and Spheres". For a while, it was the IOCCC home page's logo, but it has since been replaced by Matt Zucker's "sphere tracer" in 2011.

To contact me, send an email to