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Welcome to my small amateur radio web page. I got my license in 1994, and after a brief period of activity (a handful of CW QSOs, mainly), there were a number of years when I did not do much in ham radio.

When I got my interest back after many years, my initial plan was to continue where I left off, with CW and SSB, but right now it seems that the little spare time I actually have is spent learning more about digimodes, QRP, building simple antennas and radio cirtuits, re-learning CW, coding, and preparing for portable operations.

Most of the things you will find on these pages are not new or unique; my implementations of circuits and code are inspired by things found elsewhere on the internet. Links are provided when the original source is known. Many of these pages are work-in-progress, or describe ongoing experiments.




Code and Misc. stuff:

Digimode operation:

Kit building:

Radio trips:




73 de Anders